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The fairs, customs, food habits, beliefs, attire and occupation explicate the hard-earned lifestyle of the aborigines. The people of Kullu believe in simple living,hard work and perseverance.

Pattoo and Nuaay Coats/Suthanu(Trousers) are traditional attires worn by the female and males respectively. Covering the head is considered a good omen both for males and females. Men usually wear traditional caps and women wear scarf.

The customs and rituals practiced in the valley depict the simple lifestyle of the natives, living close to Nature. The people here worship deities who are sages, snake gods and other powerful gods and goddesses mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures. Every village has beautiful temples dedicated to these deities.

"Here in the land of gods the 'devtas' or gods command and the people obey. The gods here are not idols and enshrined in the temples; they are alive,".

The  affairs of the Kullu gods are managed by the 'devta' committees that comprisea 'kardar' or manager of the temple, the 'gur' or oracle, musicians and a priest. The 'devta' summons the 'gur' and speaks through him. The oracle goes into a trance and connects with the deity. The deity's wish spreads and its followers are ready to obey the sacred command. Each family has to join the deity's procession.



Hadimba Temple

Raghunath Temple - In the 17th century, Raja Jagat Singh of Kullu committed a great mistake. To atone for the sin, he sent a senior courtier to Ayodhya for a statue of Lord Raghunath - Lord Rama. This temple was built by Raja Jagat Singh to house the image and even today, is greatly revered. Every year international fair Dussehra is celebrated with local deities in honour of lord Raghunath.

Vashisht Rishi Temple

Bijli Mahadev Temple - One of the most excellent forms of art in India. It is located at 2,435 meters from sea level and is about 10 km from Kullu. The staff of the temple is 60 feet high and can be seen from the Kullu valley too. It is the highest point around Kullu from where the beautiful view of the whole town, and more can be experienced.

Malana - The Oldest Republic 
Malana, a remote village, situated at a height of 2520 m, is believed to be one of the oldest existing Republics. The villagers strictly follow their ancient beliefs, culture, customs and religion. Jamlu devta (chief deity of the village) governs the administration, judiciary and politics of the village through the 'gur' (the deity's spokesperson).

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