The Countryside Cottage Resort - Bharhka, Manali - Try Trout Fish! - Best Hotel, Cottage Resort in Manali,Near Naggar Himachal Pradesh (India)

If you are a non-vegetarian , do not forget to taste the delicacy called 'Trout Fish' . It is a freshwater fish found in Beas river and its tributaries.



The fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which reduces risk of heart diseases , stroke and cholesterol.In Manali , the price of this Manali speciality ranges between Rs 300 - Rs 500 depending upon location and dish type.

There is a famous fish farm very close to our cottage, where you can get fresh trout fish. Usually, two kinds of trout fish - The Silver and The Golden, are found in this farm (located in one of the streams)

The trout here is famous and supplied to other states, generating a good source of revenue for the state government.

We specialize in a few trout recipes.

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